Brian J Durkin

UX & Product Design

Digital Product Design

My current project is a FinTech responsive digital ecosystem (IOT) for the communication of portfolio analysis for a companies performance. Tools to quickly identify the pulse of the company.

A Human Centered Design Approach

The human centered design approach I've been managing has many strategic elements like UX Strategy, Storytelling, Ideation techniques and much more. Combining a Lean UX validation through prototyping, and allowing for that outcome to feed an Agile development cycle, we minimize wasted production code and make sure we really have a valid product and not just minimal product; an MVP.

UX Community Organizer

It's important to me to give back to the community through my professional career and since I gained so much from IXDA, UXPA, and other organization, I am focused on doing what I can to give back. I've brought World IA Day to Boston and I encourage you to go! World IA Day