Brian J Durkin

Enterprise Innovation Transformations


My passion is design because design is something i've found which allows me to work for the greater good. We design to make things easier to use, solve problems, and make people happy so design makes the world a better place.


My strengths are enthusiasm, creativity, lack of ego, and humanitarianism. I've been a teacher and volunteer many times in my life and I believe it speaks to my character and morality.

Moving Forward

I'm a techie, design geek, and love to romanticize about what could be. I enjoy managing teams, encouraging designers, and spreading the word about great design solutions.

Digital Product Design

My current project is a FinTech responsive digital ecosystem (IOT) for the communication of performance. Tools to quickly identify the pulse of the company.

A Human Centered Design Approach

The human centered design approach I manage has many strategic elements to it. I combine plays in the UX Playbook like Ethnographic Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Information Architecture, Design Sprint Ideation, and much more. Combining Lean UX validation through prototyping, and allowing for observed behavior to drive outcomes, we feed our insights and designs into an Agile development backlog. By doing this we minimize risk and wasted production code to make sure we really have a valid product and not just minimal one. Understanding that UI is not UX and that a user interface is part of a user's experience is something I promote.

UX Community Organizer

It's important to me to give back to the design community and since I gained so much from IXDA, UXPA, and other organization, I'm also focused on doing what I can to give back. I've brought World IA Day to Boston which is a free design conference promoting diversity in design and the education of Information Architecture. World IA Day